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Logging with Structure

Logging is such an important part of any production service. It acts as your eyes and ears into the workings of a service, helping you debug issues and explain behaviour retrospectively, as well as letting you watch what a component is up to in real time.

Ridiculous Router Resets

As you might have already read around these parts, my home broadband is not a great service.

Tips for New Developers

During my career as a software engineer so far, I have had the opportunity to work with a large variety of junior developers.

Building a Code Formatter with ANTLR4 and Python

I’m a big fan of Age of Empires II (commonly abbreviated to aoe2, or age2) - a hugely popular RTS game first released in 1999.

Dusk: An Investigation Into Soap

I absolutely love Dusk, an indie retro FPS dripping with 90s charm.